Three Unique Tablets Provide The Ultimate in Release Control

Understanding what Liniex TABLET Technology could be right for your drug and how you can work with us.

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Consistent release every hour or the ability to combine up to 3 formulations in one tablet Liniex tableting technology can help maximize the efficacy of your drug.

Our Mono, Bi and Tri layer tablets can offer your drugs a multitude of options to help meet your delivery and absorption goals. Chemistry and absorption levels are unique to each pharmaceutical and controlling release can maximizing the body’s ability to utilize a drug and increase efficacy and safety. Liniex can work with your drug to help you understand where it is currently digested and if efficacy can be increased by manipulating where in the digestive tract it may be better utilized. We can also help in understanding how quickly your product is released in the body and if slowing that release can also increase efficacy. A deeper understanding of both where and when your product is absorbed and utilized combined with the ability to manipulate both can help in reducing side effects and increasing product safety. One of Liniex Technologies strengths is its experience to uncover absorption points, the technology to manipulate release and combine this with tableting technology to help refine digestion and utilization.


Rate of passage can vary between patients. For demonstration purposes the charts contained within this website assume total digestive time from ingestion to elimination is 24-Hours.


Liniex Technologies offers three unique tableting options to take customization of drug release to a new level. Depending on your ingredient’s absorption rate and where your target release point in the digestive tract, Liniex can combine its three release technologies with one of our three tableting options to create a tablet that will maximize your drugs therapeutic goals.


Easiest of all our tableting technologies and can be used with “Time” or “Controlled” release technologies with a target coating to achieve desired release rate, time and targeted digestive area (stomach, small intestine or large intestine).


The most flexible of all our tableting options, our tri layer technology allows for the use of any of our release technologies in three layers to achieve desired release rates, times and targeted digestive areas (stomach, small intestine and large intestine).

Note – middle layer, in most cases, is the third release layer. Outer layers are dissolved first exposing total volume of middle layer to absorption.


Two flexible release rate layers can be customized to achieve desired release rates, times and targeted digestive areas (stomach, small intestine and large intestine).

Note: Any of Liniex’s 3 Release Technologies can be incorporated into any tablet and in any layer for complete customization specific to your drug’s absorption targets.


Our unique tableting options can provide you with an additional level of release accuracy. Our release technologies, tableting options and understanding when and where your drug is best utilized by the body can allow us to customize a tablet that increases the effectiveness of your product and offers a level of differentiation and protection from competitive products.

Costing – Unlike multi-step coating processes other release technologies require, Liniex Time Release uses a combination of GRAS Certified/food grade ingredients and tablet pressure to achieve our release rates. These ingredients are very economically to include in any formulation and widely available. It is the combination and manipulation of these ingredients with tableting pressure that deliver ingredient in targeted amounts and release times. Production times are usually 6-8 weeks once complete formulation and pilot batch test runs are complete.

Replicating Release Rates Every Production Run – release rates varying from each production batch is of major concern in pharmaceutical costing and of course efficacy. Excipients and tableting are the key components in the release rates associated our technologies and each is easily controlled in our production process. Our excipients are sourced from highest quality suppliers and go through rigorous 3rd party testing to confirm MSDS sheets and data levels and to insure alignment with formulation. Our tableting machines are of the highest quality and calibrated before every batch to insure tablet alignment with formulation protocol. Cost effective enough that our technology is currently used in natural health care formulations (link to Chrono) without affecting their ability to compete with other high-end retail brands without release technology.

Increasing Patient Compliance – patient compliance is the act of correctly following medical advice or correctly following prescription instructions accompanying a tableted therapy. Sometime these instructions require multiple doses a day and can be forgotten or missed. Remembering to take multiple doses a day can be the deciding factor in whether a prescription is effective. Drugs requiring once daily dosing are much easier for patients to remember than multiple doses throughout the day. Single doses are much more likely to be incorporated into a daily routine such as taken at breakfast.  Liniex offers numerous formulation options that could allow for “once daily” dosing with our 24-Hour Release Technologies.