Our analysis and formulation process and timeline.

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A general overview of our Liniex Development process would begin with understanding the absorption level of your drug, where it is currently absorbed and utilized and any side effects or safety concerns associated with your product. We then investigate if we can increase absorption, if a different portion of the digestive tract could lead to better digestion and utilization or even increase safety and then we look at what technology and tableting options may be a fit to increase the performance of your product. We use in vitro dissolution testing using simulated gastric fluids associated with environments in the stomach, small intestine and large intestine to gain an understanding of how our new product will perform. We make adjustments to the tablet based on dissolution data and then look to in vivo testing to prove our release data and assumptions.

A detailed breakdown of our development process depends on your product and we encourage you to contact us so we may understand your product and how incorporating a Liniex Release Technology may increase the efficacy of your product.