Our release technologies in the building of better therapies.

Our technology is a natural fit with some treatments and we are currently working on or investigating partnerships to bring better therapies to patients.

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Many ingredients can benefit from controlling release rates and we are in various stages of development.


Liniex Technologies is engaged in internal projects and external product partnerships with all of our technologies in numerous therapeutic categories. We encourage company’s to contact us if you are working on a drug that may need a slow or consistent release, targeted release in the digestive tract or currently have a product that is coming off patent that could have protection extended by combining it with of our technologies. We can understand your chemistry and help formulate a tablet that can increase availability and utilization and in most cases extend patent protection under our patents.

Our current technologies are being developed in numerous therapies in many different categories. Below is an updated look at where some of our products are in our phase work and what we are looking for in some others.


We welcome any company that may have a need for any of our delivery options to reach out to us to discuss where we might help. Our website does not cover the full spectrum of our product line nor our expertise in this area. We encourage you to contact us for a more detailed understanding of what Liniex is working on and what we can offer. Contact Us