Proudly partnering with Chrono Health Care.

Liniex Release Technologies partners with Chrono Health Care to make available innovative products in the natural health care and nutraceutical markets.

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Please visit Chrono Health Care to understand new advances in natural health care absorption. 



Liniex Technologies is proud to partner with Chrono Health Care in brining our release technologies and innovative tableting capabilities to the natural health care market. Our technology is based on food grade Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) Certified ingredients and a perfect fit for providing the release properties beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry to natural products. Chrono has leveraged all of our release and tableting technologies to bring to market a truly unique and nutritionally sound product line. We worked with Chrono to understand water soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, mineral absorption, nutraceutical properties and the body’s natural ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. What they have developed are products that can release ingredients in time frames consistent with how and where ingredients are absorbed and in amounts that align with the body’s nutritional needs. We recommend you take a moment to investigate Chrono Health Care as an additional way to understand how our release technologies and tableting options can be used with your product.