Dedicated to increasing health therapies through better drug absorption and utilization.

A dedicated team of scientific research & development experts backed by innovative entrepreneurs.

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Founded to increase efficacy in new and exisisting drug therapies by better understanding digestion and absorption.



Founded in 2012, Liniex Technoligies specializes in manipulating release rates to affect absorption and efficacy while improving safety and reducing side effects.

Liniex was founded in 2012 to focus on new delivery technologies aimed at increasing efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical drugs. Liniex has since developed technologies that would be flexible in release rates and times and cost effective enough to use in all drug and natural health care and nutraceutical categories. Liniex Technologies specializes in understanding drug absorption and how to limit side effects while increasing efficacy and patient compliance. Much of our work has been done in the science of time or sustained released with a concentration on achieving consistent ingredient release levels every hour. In the course of this work we have become specialists in digestion and absorption and an intimate knowledge of how we can manipulate release to maximize utilization throughout the entire digestive tract.


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